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Born in Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada - 1931

Deceased in Montreal, Quebec, Canada - 1994


1945 - 1947 Painting courses by Albert Dumouchel at Seminary of Valleyfield, Quebec
1946 Beginning of his experience with sculpturing - self-taught
1947 - 1949 Technical courses 1st and 2nd technique
Ecole des Arts et Metiers de Valleyfield, Quebec
1953 Sculpture, lead lettering in granite monuments
Brunet Monuments, Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal, Quebec
1956 Exhibition Ile-Sainte-Helene, Montreal, Quebec
1957 Exhibition at the University of Montreal, (many times)
1957 Biennale of Madrid, Spain
1958 Baptismal Fount
Notre-Dame-du-Saint-Esprit Church, Valleyfield, Quebec
1959 Exhibition at Artek Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

Professor of sixty students for art courses involving painting, ceramic, and sculpture at Seminary of Valleyfield, Quebec

1945 - 1971 During these years, he persisted in his artistic research putting in value the sculptural side of the materials. His experiences directed him towards the malleability of various materials such as; wood, concrete, steatite, glass, metal, marble and ceramic. He built himself a ceramic oven of 9 cubic feet which enabled him to realize murals.
Exhibitions of his sculptures at Galerie Libre, Montreal
1960 Ceramic symbols for the Pie X Church
Grande-Ile, Quebec
1960 Mural of 100 square feet for a building in Valleyfield, Quebec
1960 Mr. Jean-Marie Gauvreau transmitted a letter from the " Ministere de la Jeunesse" authorizing the realization of 2 ceramic murals 8 x 8 feet in the "Institut des Arts Appliques"
1960 Fruit plates sculpted in steatite:
Exhibitions of these and sculptures at "Predilection" at The "Galerie Libre"

Sold to :

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bourbonnais, M.D.
         Valleyfield, Quebec
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Goodis
         Town of Mount Royal, Quebec
Mr. & Mrs. Yvon Carrignan
         Morristown, New Jersey
Mr. & Mrs. Jean Belanger
         New York
Mr. & Mrs. Jean Lapierre
         Montreal, Quebec
Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Dionne
          Valleyfield, Quebec
Mr. & Mrs. Andre Dionne
          Geneve, Switzerland
Mr. & Mrs. Jean Rene Ostiguy
          Ottawa, Ontario
Mr. & Mrs. Gaston Chapleau
          Pont Viau
Mr. & Mrs. Mao Tse Tung
And many others……………………
1960 Ceramic mural representing the Olympic Symbols
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Goodis, Town of Mount Royal, Quebec
1960 Wooden sculptures made around 1946
Bought by Georgine Lecompte
Mr. & Mrs. Yvon Carrignan
Morristown, New Jersey
1960 Mahogany sculpture
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bourbonnais, M.D.
1960 Mild Steel Sculptures 3 diving boards
7', 12', & 21' (Functional)
Industrial School, Alfred, Ontario
1960 Aluminum Sculpture 9' high
Industrial School, Alfred, Ontario
1961 Mild Steel Sculpture 35' dia. x 15'
2 and a half tons
St. Jean d'Iberville Seminary, Quebec
1961 Ceramic Mural 20' x 10'
LaSalle General Hospital, Quebec
1962 Mild Steel Sculpture - 1 diving board
13' high (Functional)
Domaine Esterel, Ste. Marguerite, Quebec
1962 Concrete Low Relief 600' x 3.5' (2 sides)
Trans Canada Highway, Pittsfield Overpass
1962 Mild Steel Sculptures - 2 diving boards
18' each (Functional)
Pointe-St.-Charles Recreation Center,
Montreal, Quebec
1962 Ceramic Mural 8' x 8' (2)
Art Institute, Montreal, Quebec
1962 Elected Member of the "Royal Society of Sculptors of Canada"
1963 Mild Steel Sculpture, Half circle staircase
10' high (Functional)
Maurice Langelier's residence
1963 Aluminum Mural 12' x 15'
Ross Ellis Printing, Montreal
1964 1st Award Fountain Sculpture - Place Ville Marie site
1st Award Fountain Sculpture - Jarry Park
1st Award Fountain Sculpture - Bienville Park
City of Montreal, 685 entries, 21 sites

Aluminium Mural 20' x 10' high

Technical School, Sherbrooke, Quebec

1965 Established residence in Los Angeles, California
1965 Sculpture in wood
Dr. Kamenir, Westwood, California

2nd Award for sculpture competition

Asbestos Technical School, Asbestos, Quebec

1969 Aluminum Mural 6' dia.
Manfred Schultz's Residence, Montery Park, California
1969 Mild Steel Sculpture
King Huang's Residence, Mount Washington,
Los Angeles, California
1969 Mild Steel Sculpture
Dan Mac Masters Residence, Editor Los Angeles Times
1969 Mild Steel Sculpture 12' high
David Chow's Residence, Beverly Hills, California
1969 Mild Steel Sculpture 10' high
Richard Nording's Residence
Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California
1969 Mild Steel Sculpture 9' high
Oscar Druggett's Residence
Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California
1969 One Man Show, at the American Institute of Architects Southern California Chapter
Bradbury Building, Los Angeles, California
1969 One Man Show, 15 Sculptures and 20 Paintings
French Alliance on La Cienega, Los Angeles
1968 - 1971

As a Sculptor, a Research Laboratory from Los Angeles offered him the opportunity of researching and developing a technique for "Foam Aluminum". His achievement was filed in the Library of Congress In Washington D.C. under the Ethyl Corporation.

1970 Exhibition of a Sculpture 12' high, 2 tons
Man and His World, (Expo 67), Montreal, Quebec
1971 Aluminum Sculpture 4' high
Ethyl Corporation, Bâton-Rouge, Louisiana
1972 Exhibition of a Sculpture 12' high,
1.5 tons
Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Quebec
1972 Mild Steel Sculpture 14' high
1 ton
Maisonneuve Housing Project, Montreal
1972 Corten Sculpture, 12' high
1.5 tons
Laurier Housing Project, Montreal
1972 One Man Show, 15 Aluminum Sculptures
La Sauvegarde Art Gallery, Montreal
1972 Aluminum Sculptures (2) apartment size
Almas Mathieu, Architect, Montreal
1973 One Man Show, 15 Aluminum Sculptures
Alcan Lobby, Place Ville Marie, Montreal
1973 Mild Steel Sculpture 6' x 12', 1 ton
Mentana Housing Project, Montreal
1974 Corten Sculpture, 9' high
Jacques De Roussan's Residence, Montreal
1974 Concrete Low Relief 150' x 10' high
Plaster High Relief 50' x 25' high
1155 Sherbrooke st. W., Montreal
1974 Mild Steel Mural, 18' x 30' high
Champlain Elementary School, CSDM, Montreal, Quebec
1974 One Man Show, 6 Aluminum Sculptures
Eastern Airlines Peel's office, Montreal
1975 Sculpted mahogany "Corpus" 4' high
Housing Project
Beauharnois, Quebec
1975 Stainless Steel Mural 10' x 8' high
Painting 20' x 8' high
Aluminum Sculpture 3' dia.
Housing Project, Beauharnois, Quebec
1976 Stainless Steel Sculptures (3 elements 3', 4', 5' )
Les Terrasses (Dreyfus Project), Montreal

Saint-Cyrille de Normandin, Cte Roberval, Quebec Study, artistic work and installation of:

Sculpted mahogany "Corpus" 6'
Paschal Chandeliers
Sanctuary Lamp
Six Altar Chandeliers
Ceramic: Master Altar
               Tabernacle Altar
               Baptismal Fount
               Lampion Table
               2 Slabs for Holy Water Fount
1976 Rooster in mild Steel 3' 6"
Almas Mathieu, Architect, Montreal
1977 Stainless Steel Sculpture, 4 Elements (Functional)
Tilsbury Building, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec
1978 Mild Steel Sculpture 15' x 25' high
Favard Housing Project, Montreal
1978 Painting 25' x 10' high
Housing Project, Cowansville, Quebec
1978 Mobile Stainless Steel Sculpture
8' Dia. Mirror Steel Finish
Shopping Mall, Vaudreuil, Quebec
1978 Mobile Stainless Steel Sculpture
4' Dia. Mirror Steel Finish
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Szekely's Residence
Deux-Montagnes, Quebec
1979 High Relief Mural 5' x 4' high
Aubry Hill's Residence, Toronto, Ontario
1979 Mild Steel Sculpture 9' high
Herbert C. Auerbach's Residence, Vancouver, B.C.
1979 One Man Show, 20 Imprints on Fine Papers
Genesis Gallery on York St., Toronto, Ontario
1980 Stainless Steel Sculpture 18' high
(4 Elements)
2000 Peel St., Peel Metro Entrance, Montreal
1980 Stainless Steel Sculpture
Mr. J. Wener - President of Canderel Ltd., Montreal
1980 Stainless Steel Sculpture
Mr. Jean Drapeau, Mayor of the City of Montreal
1980 Stainless Steel Sculpture
Mr. Mc Laughlin, President North American Life, Montreal
1980 Stainless Steel Sculpture
Mr. K. Hammarskjold, President I.A.T.A.,
1981 Suspended Stainless Steel Sculpture 35' dia.
3 tons
B.T.M., De La Savane Metro Station, Montreal
1981 Stainless Steel Sculpture
1984 Mild Steel Sculpture 10' dia. 1 ton
Claude Tardif's Residence, Westmount, Quebec
1989 Marble Sculptures (2)
Approx. 1' dia. Each
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Lazosky (architect)
Residence Montreal, Quebec
1981 - 1994

Combine lapidary research with sculptural talent in creation of jewelry

1989 - 1994 80 Marble Sculptures
Approx. 1' dia. each
1997 Mild Steel Sculptures (3)
Paula and Wilfrid Sauve
(Almas Mathieu architect)
Georgeville, Quebec
1998 Rooster 1976 - Mild Steel 3' 6"
Les Grands Jardins de Normandin, Quebec
1998 1972 Mild Steel Sculpture.
12' high
Lachine Museum, Montreal, Quebec
2003 1968 Painting 17 1/16'' x 22 13/16''
Mr. Albert Mikaelian
President of ATC Alarme Trans Canada
Montreal, Quebec
2003 Mild Steel Sculptures (2)
Orford Art Centre
1960 ''Harpe à disques``
1964 ``Envolée``
(Paula Hamel et Wilfrid Sauvé)
2006 Mild Steel Sculptures (3)
1972-1973 "Embrace" 8’ 11’’
"Musical Resonance" 11’ 10’’
"Oriental" 9’ 10"
Permanent Exhibition
Douglas Institute
Sculpture Garden
Verdun, Montreal, Quebec

2013                                     Exposition Les Artistes de la Ligne Orange STM

                                               le Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Québec 

                                               Bibliothèque du Boisé, Saint-Laurent, Ville de Montréal

                                               Samedi 6 juillet au 29 septembre, 2013 

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