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maurice_front.jpg F. Maurice Lemieux's accomplishments can be seen in numerous public places. To name but a few of these sites: Lobbies, terraces, gardens, hospitals, hotels, schools, community centers, senior residences, shopping centers, churches, highway overpasses, buildings, museums and metro stations.


The dimension of the art pieces ranged from jewelery size to monumental. From several inches to 600 feet. They were non-functional to functional remaining always impressively decorative. His art was expressed aesthetically, freely and strongly, by the sole and unique hand of F. Maurice Lemieux.

Depending upon the project, be it for a private collector or a public organization, the art complements beautifully the environment for which it is destined.

A project was executed professionally from concept to realization. This process consisted of inspiration, intuition, sketches, calculations, models, maquettes, photography, welding, chiseling, grinding, sanding, polishing and anchoring to name but a few.

From boyhood to manhood his intrigue and quest in artistic research made him an expert in the use of a multitude of materials, tools and machinery. Inventing special tools in accordance to his needs.

The malleability of various materials such as : wood, concrete, steatite, marble, glass, ceramic, steel, stainless steel, charcoal, oil paint, including many others were explored and mastered using a multitude of art techniques. His new technique (without casting) for a one of a kind material called aluminum foam was developed and his achievement was filed in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C..

His fundamental principles, plus his love of nature, music, and of his family inspired his immense creativity.  An innate need to create elegant and gracious forms was imperative for this great self-taught artist that was:

                                                                F. MAURICE LEMIEUX        

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